2017 Legislative Wrap

As usual, this legislative session saw many bills to restrict the rights of injured workers, and only one to help workers. None of the worst bills became law, thanks to Governor Steve Bullock.

The only bill that would have helped injured workers, HB 229 by  Andrea Olsen (D) HD 100 died in Committee on a party line vote. HB 229 would have returned to injured workers the right to choose their treating physicians in workers’ compensation cases. For now, the work comp insurer gets to choose the doctor for injured workers.

Bad bills that were vetoed:

HB 358, Revise workers’ compensation laws pertaining to release of information, by Mark Noland (R) HD 10 was Vetoed by Governor.

SB 116, Disallowing workers’ compensation benefits for certain false statements, by Mark Blasdel (R) SD 4 was vetoed by Governor.

SB 184 Revise workers compensation to allow termination of payments due to fraud, by Frederick (Eric) Moore (R) SD 19 was vetoed by Governor.

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